Ohana Presentation Gym

Weekly workouts to prepare for your most important presentations and conversations.

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Weekly workout: Learn 1 presentation skill. Bring the skill on stage. Deliver your Presentation.


2-day Virtual Workshop: Compose 2 leadership conversations. Amplify your message delivery skills.


Access videos from previous workshops. View bonus recordings from our webinar series.

Practice like a professional!

Learn and elevate one presentation skill. Bring your new skill to the stage to amplify the power of your message.

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All-Access ticket to our 2-part "Be a Heroic Voice" workshop

Master Conversational Leadership skills to create connection, build relationships, and generate ROI. (A $1188 value)

Special Bonus! A 9 part training to design your Startup Presentation Deck!

Learn how to compose and deliver each of the 8 key slides.  Prepare for your pitch opportunities and high stakes conversations with investors and clients.

Build your communication muscles

Work out every week. Be fully prepared for your high stakes speaking opportunities.

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Elevate one presentation skill in each workout. Amplify your Heroic Voice to  generate money, support and reputation.

What you will get:
  • Weekly Ohana Presentation Gym workouts
  • All-Access Ticket to "Be a Heroic Voice" quarterly workshops
  • Video Library: Main Stage recordings of previous workshops
  • 9-part training: Design your startup presentation deck.
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