"Conversational Leadership" Executive Masterclass

In this 12 session MasterClass, learn to use your Heroic Voice to better communicate your mission of global impact and generate Presentation ROI.

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12 Sessions of Coaching

Go farther together!

7 Message Portfolio Conversations 

Be prepared for ever High Stakes Conversation

Creating Audience Connection

Get the outcome you desire from every conversation

12 Small Cohort Group Coaching Sessions

Maximum learning occurs in small group settings, so everyone gets individual attention and benefits from the feedback from their small group members.

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Sherri Douville - CEO Medigram

 Thanks to heroic Voice, I've been able to distill what we know about how we'll improve healthcare into concise formats for a variety of stakeholders.  We've been able to immediately raise capital and attract additional experienced and committed employees. 

Anna Decker Smyth - Founder TEDx Salt Lake City

Working with Heroic Voice was beneficial for myself as a leader, as well as for the culture of our entire organization.  The time we spent with Heroic Voice helped us all to clarify our passions and big ideas for the world and how we are connecting them to the work we're doing.  Wonderful learning that has certainly enhanced TEDx Salt Lake City!

Michael Zau - Hometown Equity Mortgage

Wow! I just finished the Heroic Voice Masterclass and for one hour I was briefed on empathy, selling, storytelling and advertising.  All of those attributes in one hour is amazing and to pull a few nuggets of implementation immediately was really great!

Creating Audience Connection

Every session you will learn a new technique to enhance your ability to connect with your audience and achieve the outcome you desire.

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Choose to take your Global Impact goals seriously to give yourself the skills you need to achieve the outcome you desire.

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A complete Message Portfolio

12 Sessions to create 7 conversations to answer the 7 "Real Questions"!

#1 - Introduction

Answer the question

 "Who are you?"

#2 - Narration

Answer the question

"When have you done this?"

#3 - Solution

Answer the question

"Which is the right solution?"

#4 - Ideation

Answer the question

"What is Possible?"

#5 - Direction

Answer the question 

"Where are we going?"

#6 - How

Answer the question

"How do we get there?"

#7 - Your Heroic Keynote

Answer the question - "Why is this important?"

Get on the stages that help you achieve the Global Impact you desire by preparing a keynote that changes lives!

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Executive Mastermind


  • 12 Small group Coaching Sessions
  • Cohort specific practice Gym
  • Prepare for every high stakes conversation
  • Develop your Connection Skills
  • Prepare to Create your KeyNote Speech for stages like TedX