How Leaders Communicate Trust - 1-Day Virtual Training - All Access

Master Conversational Leadership skills to create connection, build relationships, and generate ROI

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Session 1 - Know Yourself

During the first session we will help you develop your personal introduction, how to find and use your vision, values and vows to connect with people the first time you meet them.

Session 2 - Know Your Audience

During the second session we will help you understand the the different personalities that are in your audience and how to communicate your personal introduction to each personality type..

Session 3 - Know Your Message

During the third session, as an "All-Access" member you will get to choose to develop one of three portfolio items. General Access does not get access to this training.

Session 4 - Know Your Voice

During the final session we will share with you some tips and tricks to enhance your ability to create connection with any audience, online and in person. General Access does not get access to this training.

Be a Heroic Voice

Our 1-day MasterClass in Conversational Leadership elevates your skill sets in Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration:

Compose messages that communicate trust.

Deliver messages that create connection.

Build long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Generate presentation ROI to fuel your mission.

You will learn how to:

Use active listening skills to identify the "Real Question" being asked

Organize a personal library of your knowledge, skills and experiences

Use storyboards to answer core leadership questions

Deliver your messages with professional speaking skills

Connect with the hearts and minds of your audience

Deliver presentations that generate money, support and positive reputation

All Access Pass

$297.00 USD

or reserve your spot for the limited 1-day experience

Special "All-Access" activities during the 1-day event...

Coaches Corner

During the 1-day event get special time to get laser coaching and ask any questions to our team.

All Access Breakout Rooms

Get assigned to All-Access only breakout rooms facilitated by a member of our team.

Lunchtime Fireside Chat Access

Get access to an All-Access only fireside chat with our experts during lunch.

Special Afternoon Training

During the third session, get to choose from one of three leadership presentations.

4 Interactive Sessions: Conversational Leadership

Learn new content with accelerated learning tools. Apply new skills in experiential breakout rooms.
Join Us with All-Access for $297

Additional bonuses with your "All-Access" tickets ...

Virtual Cocktail Reception

At the end of the day you get to hang out with the Heroic Voice team to debrief and unwind.

Event Recordings

Get access to the recordings of the sessions during the day to review the teachings anytime to enhance your learning.

Virtual Office Hours

Get access to our ongoing daily virtual office hours to be able to get coaching and ask your questions for 3 months.

30-Minute Laser Coaching Session

Get a 30 minute one-to-one coaching session with one of our executive coaches.

All Access Pass

$297.00 USD

Over the course of the day, our executive communications coaches will provide:

Accelerated learning tools to optimize learning and maximize retention

Experiential exercises to fast track your mastery of new content

Professional-level feedback to fine tune your message delivery skills

By the conclusion of the program, you will:

Compose a Personal Introduction. Effectively communicate your personal brand in conversations with key stakeholders.

Discover your Communication Profile and learn how to relate to the various communication profiles in your audience.

Compose one Leadership Presentation (Training Presentation, Sales Presentation, Company Town Hall Presentation) to elevate your reputation. General Access does not get access to this training.

Learn Professional Speaking Skills (Connection Triangle framework) and consistently create connection with your audiences. General Access does not get access to this training.

Network and collaborate with fellow Global Impact Leaders to accelerate your path to achieving your mission.

The capacity of your mission depends on the capacity of your voice. Develop your Heroic Voice into an instrument of change and take on any mission of global impact.

or reserve your spot for the limited 1-day experience

How Leaders Communicate Trust

Master Conversational Leadership skills to create connection, build relationships, and generate ROI!

Get "All-Access" now for $297!